The best Amazon Fire apps for kids of all ages – for FREE!

Best Kindle Fire apps for 2 year olds

The best toddler games on the Amazon Fire are the simple ones! The best Amazon Fire apps for 2 year olds are standbys like peek-a-boo, short stories, “chunky” puzzles and simple letter games are perfect – just like in the physical world. Here are the best toddler apps for Amazon Fire:

There are plenty more Kindle apps for toddlers that are just a dollar or two – even some of the best learning apps for toddlers on Amazon Fire.

Best preschool apps for Kindle Fire

The best Kindle apps for 3 year olds and 4 year olds are engaging and stimulating without being overwhelming. For educational value, the best preschool apps for Kindle Fire focus on letters and numbers – even “read aloud” books are wonderful for this age!

Free Amazon apps for kids in early elementary school

There are tons of great Kindle Fire kids apps once your child is more independent with technology and starting to read! We love games that keep their minds active so they don’t just turn into little zombies – and the good news is that these are so fun that the kids beg to use them.

This is also a really good time to get acquainted with the parental controls available through Freetime (whether you pay for Unlimited or not). Here are the best kid apps for Kindle Fire that won’t cost you a penny – including some of the best free educational apps on Amazon:

If your older child will be using a tablet at home, one of the best Kindle apps for kids is LEGO Life. It allows kids to use their LEGO creations to make stop motion movies! It’s definitely one of the best Kind Fire apps for 6 year olds.

26th Jun 2022 Melissa,

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